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Data Tech Advanced Solutions Ltd

Data Tech Advanced Solutions Ltd. specializes in the distribution of communications and IT products and is at the forefront of design, setup and maintenance.

For over 15 years, the company has been the leading distributor for communications giant Cisco systems, employing hundreds of marketers to supply an array of Cisco technologies to all market sectors while providing technological, logistical, financial and marketing support.

During 2021, Data Tech in collaboration with Cisco, developed "Click 2" – a digital and automated platform to manage the renewal of service contracts an easy and simple way for the user.

Since 2018, DataTech has been distributing an array of solutions by Japanese company Fujitsu that include work stations, laptops, servers and storage solutions.

Data Tech is the sole distributor of Linksys communication products, a market leader in wireless solutions for home and office and in the provision of top cyber security and information security solutions.


Our History

Founded in 1994 as a local branch of American corporate giant Tech Data, Data Tech initially provided hardware and software computing solutions. Over time, the company underwent several significant changes.

In 2005, Data Tech began marketing communications solutions.

In 2007, Data Tech was acquired by Rapac Communication & Infrastructure Ltd, a leading holdings company in the communications, infrastructure and energy sectors.

In 2011, Data Tech rebranded, including a change in name to Data Tech Advanced Solutions Ltd. For years and during its various operations, Data Tech earned a sterling reputation in Israel and around the world, and is recognized by marketers as a professional, service-oriented, reliable company.


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Katriel Sourasky


Sagit Grinberg


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